Make a Knocker

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Kits can be ordered online directly from

Each Knitted Knocker Kit contains :

  • 50 g ColourSpun Pure Cotton DK
  • 25 g Pure Merino filling
  • Julie Weaver’s Aussie and SA Breast Prothesis Knitting Instructions (8 Ply / DK version)
  • 4 labels.

50 g of cotton is more than enough for 1 pair and depending on the size maybe 2, except if you are knitting cup size F or G in which case you may require more yarn (so keep any leftovers from previous kits).  25g  of filling should be sufficient per pair but we will add filling where necessary. Any extra knockers will be filled by us before they are gifted to a survivor.




6 thoughts on “Make a Knocker

  1. Liane

    What do you do with them once they have been knitted as I do not need it myself but would do it for charity?

  2. Ruth Archer

    Hi Liane,
    Yes they will be donated to those need them, either through the Pink Drive or any local Breast Cancer support groups. We are in the process of setting up some distribution points. You may also knit for a friend although we would love to hear when they have been given. It is great fun knitting knockers as they are quick and easy on Two Needles.
    If you have any other queries, send us an email on any of the contact emails.

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