Earlier this year, Dana Biddle had the good fortune to meet Ruth Archer at Quilt in Clarens where she had given her time to raise funds for the National Quilt Festival while her family were on holiday. They clicked immediately, so when Ruth called to tell Dana that her sister (who lives in Australia) was sending a Knitted Knocker for their mom and would she be interested in helping her start a group here, Dana was delighted to be able to get involved. They researched all the different groups around the world and their patterns and decided that the Australian pattern would work best since South African conditions are so similar.

Julie Weaver, who designed the prosthesis to suit Australian women, especially those who are well endowed, kindly agreed to let us use the patterns she designed which have a size range from A-3 to C cup in the 4 ply/sock weight pattern and A to G cup in the 8 ply/ DK pattern. Her patterns also have a built in “buttonhole” so that the filling can be removed for washing or changing.

Knitted Knockers should only be knit from the softest, organic cotton. Other fibres can irritate the sensitive skin and scars and it has been found that crochet unfortunately also can cause irritation as the crochet fabric is not smooth enough. 100% merino wool filling breathes and so is comfortable to wear but should be replaced with polyester stuffing if the prosthesis is going to be worn when swimming.

We have put together Knitted Knocker kits with cotton yarn, merino filling and the pattern. They also contain a list of places that the finished knockers can be sent to be distributed, free of charge, to the women who need them as well as washing instructions and a card where the knitter can indicate the size and write a personal note if they so wish.

Knitted Knocker kits are available from www.colourspun.com or contact knittedknockerssa@gmail.com

 The South African chapter of this project is sponsored by:
Stitches Magazine  – Website and publicity
Colourspun – Supply of kits at subsidised price

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